Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ewww Yuck!! Is That What I Think It Is?

What’s the fascination with feces? As the end of our first camping trip in the new Airstream drew near, it was time to learn about the many different chores that must be attended too before heading back out on the road. I have heard stories of well intentioned folk driving down the I-5 with a shower of sparks coming from behind their trailer as they have forgot to retract the stabilizer    jacks. Or the couple from Ohio pulling out of the campground with their awning fully extended. Let’s not forget about the Florida family where every member thought the other had surely remembered to place Fido securely in his kennel and NOT leave him tied to the rear bumper. (Yikes!) Yes, I wanted to learn and did not want to the story told around the campfire. My friends kindly introduced me to the clear plastic piece that hooks up to the black water tank. (For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it’s RV lingo for “tank with all the crap and piss in it”).  “Oh, this is the greatest thing since the invention of jet fuel. Just put it on and hook up the hose, and you’ll be able to watch all the poop and pee just slide on out!”  Was I hearing this correctly or just imagining it? Did he really just say, “Watch the poop and pee slide on out”. Yup, he did, and he went on... “In fact, when me and the misses first bought this here thingy, we all gathered round (kid included) to watch the poop and pee wash down the drain”. Ok, I get it. I understand why he bought it. He simply needs the visual confirmation that the tank is clean. I mean, who would want to drive around with chunks of last night’s pig roast sloshing to and fro in the tank. Although it’s disgusting to think about, it needs to be cleaned out. How else do you know if it’s clean unless you chunks of poo. It makes perfect sense for the person who is in charge of draining the tank to have a look and hope that they see nothing but clean, clear water swishing around a clear plastic piece of tubing, but why is it that the entire family stops what they are doing and gathers round as if they are about to watch an episode of “Happy Days”. 
Oddly, this all seems normal to me now. I too, must look to see that things are “all clear”. 

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  1. This is gross! But I think it is one of those strange human nature things - somehow we just can't help ourselves. Love your blog and the name!