Sunday, January 2, 2011

Airstreams are COOL!

Purchasing an Airstream can be a daunting task. Like I previously mentioned, they are expensive. So why spend double (or possibly triple) for Aluminum when you could save a bunch and get a relatively decent vinyl box? 
Here are some of my thoughts as to why....
Vinyl box trailers are disposable. Considering they are mostly wood construction, moving these ugly boxes around will eventually cause wood frames to loosen or separate, thus causing leaks to happen. I have had more than one salesman suggest an average lifespan of 10 years.
Airstreams are built with metal frames and covered inside and out with aluminum sheeting, all of which are riveted to the frame, sorta like a Boeing 737. Airstreams have been produced for over 75 years, and they estimate 70% or more are still in use today.
Airstreams give you better mileage. The aerodynamic shape of them result in a 15-30% better fuel economy that of the “SOB’s”. Take that, OPEC!
Airstreams have a higher resale value. This is one you can take to the bank. When I was researching this, Airstreams were the highest rated for holding their value, while the 19ft model was rated the highest of any make/model out there.
Airstreams have a few more perks. My friends had bought an “SOB” shortly after I bought my Airstream, and invited me over to check it out. No TV or CD/DVD player, no water filter for the kitchen faucet, mattress was lousy (you could feel the metal springs through the fabric), and no power jack, just to name a few. (The lack of a power jack bothered my buddy considerably.) 
Airstreams are cool! This was one of the main reasons I bought one. Sure, I like quality and dependability and better fuel economy and higher resale value and sleeping well, but I also like to be me, which is usually different than most of my friends, and occasionally perplexing to my wife. I’m a closet artist, and maybe should have developed this side of me a bit more than I have, but as such, I like certain design elements. Airstreams have this iconic style about them that is timeless. Some folks simply have no style, hence they do not find Airstreams attractive. I personally find them rather sexy, and so do others. If I mention to people that I have an Airstream, their reaction breakdown is something like this....
90% - “What’s an Airstream?” (Keep in mind I’m in Canada.)
8% - “Airstreams are ugly.”
2% - “Oh Dude, an Airstream!! Those things are wicked! I’ve wanted an Airstream forever. Can I come over and check it out? Awesome!”
I’m with the two percent...... is Matt....

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