Thursday, January 6, 2011

Picking Up The Silver Sausage - Part 2

We head back onto the I-5 and we’re in the final stretch to see the new addition to the family. It’s kind of like having a baby.... it’s costly of course, but if properly taken care of, it should provide years of happiness and many proud moments and fond memories. (It’s nice that Airstreams do not yell at their owners. At least when his baby enters my world, I won’t hear the high pitched angry and somewhat justified scream of....“YOU DID THIS TO MEEE!!”) We pull into our final destination and have time for lunch before the exchange. We walk into the dealership and 20 minutes later we are being guided through all the systems and things I need to know to about my new purchase. After a couple hours, it’s time to go. I have pulled a small boat trailer before, and have a utility trailer for yard refuse and other junk, but an Airstream is bigger and more expensive. I read horror stories of people creasing the entire side of their new trailer on its’ maiden voyage, causing upwards of $10,000 in damage. Gulp. With a start of the engine I soon  realize how special this moment is. I’m no longer the dreamer, I’m an Airstream owner!

We pull out of the parking lot and there is a definite sense of pride as I roll though the city with my big shiny egg behind me. Once back on the I-5 heading north, it took a bit to determine the right speed for ease of travel, but once I figured that out, it was smooth sailing. Then a strange phenomenon began. I noticed that other cars were speeding up to pass me, or so I thought. Instead of actually passing, would slow down when they neared my trailer and would stay beside me for a while. Finally one of these cars moved up beside me and honked, then gave me the “thumbs up” and pointed to the Airstream before speeding off. My dad and I never spoke of this, we didn’t need to. Our smiles were said it all. This was fun!
We managed to make to the Oregon/Washington border around dinner time and stopped for some food and a quick Costco beer run. We put the beer in the fridge then had some dinner, and I managed to snap a few first photos of the yet to be named Airstream. We get back in the car with coffee’s in hand and decide to drive for another couple hours. Up to this point we still had not figured out where we should camp for the night. The GPS tells us where the nearest campsites are, but we’re from Dutch heritage and don’t really feel like paying $40 just to sleep. We opt for the new Wal-mart and park near some other motorhomes. We hop in the trailer and get ready for bed, but first we hoist a celebratory Henry Wienhard’s (Oregon’s original brewery!) and talk of the adventures this Airstream will have.

I awake at 6:15 to the sound of the door opening and the smell of Starbucks. I guess I didn’t hear my dad leave, but I sure heard and smelled him return. Ah, coffee! I call it my “ethical addiction.” We enjoy our hot goodness and discuss the game plan for the day. We’ll drive for a bit then stop for breakfast in Burlington. From there it’ll be a dash to the border, stop to do the necessary paperwork, then on to introduce the Airstream to the rest of the family. Just gotta make it home without a mishap. 

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